Gil Guibert tells his experience with the employees of ATI Industries as leader of the company.
200 companies and their employees led to sustainable success

For 21 years, Prospheres dirigeants has been successfully leading deep and lasting transformations within the companies entrusted to its care.

Working with employees to improve performance today and prepare for the future

Faced with change, whether voluntary or necessary, the company must be at full strength. Prospheres dirigeants believes that it is only by mobilising and empowering each and every one of the forces that make up a company that a profound, profitable and sustainable transformation is possible.

Prospheres dirigeants in figures

companies transformed
This is the number of companies led towards sustainable performance by Prospheres dirigeants since 2001.
years of experience
This year Prospheres dirigeants is celebrating 21 years of experience in business transformation.