Involving accuracy and mobilisation of employees
As an essential prerequisite to any transformation project, teams are invited to carry out an in depth analysis of their company's profitability. It takes into account all its costs and sales. Adjusted and customised to the specific situation of each company, the result of this work provides everybody with a clear and detailed reading of performance by customer, product and any other original axis of analysis relevant to the company's situation and activity.
This analysis reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the situation in which the company and its teams find themselves. It is the key starting point for a new dynamic, unique to each organisation, and a powerful lever for giving teams greater responsibility for the future of their company.
Teams are thus invited - immediately and at all levels - to implement improvements in performance and quality of life at work. These improvements are proposed within the framework of dedicated work groups, coached by Prospheres leaders. The work groups focus on improving the company's profitability and cash flow, with a view to its common good. This collective mobilisation of all the company's energies allows concrete, sustainable and profitable results to be obtained rapidly.
The transformation is thus effected by the teams themselves and not by a small number of experts, internal or external to the company. The action plans are carried out by all the people who have built them, which is the key factor of success. The company is thus quickly drawn into a powerful dynamic. Each employee contributes authentically and concretely to a sustainable strategy for the future. The changes made very quickly show their effectiveness and all stakeholders can quickly assess the results.
An approach based on responsibility, listening and trust to improve the performance of individuals and companies.

“Truth, freedom, trust are non-manipulable absolutes because human dignity is at stake.”

Bertrand Martin – Daring to trust (Eyrolles)