Involving accuracy and mobilisation of employees
In order to know and share the truth about the company's situation, the teams are mobilised in the construction of a performance analysis tool called the MRI Set up by allocating all the company's costs to the finest level of turnover, it aims to provide a detailed reading of the company's profitability by product, by product category, by customer, by site, by subsidiary or any other relevant analysis. It is a formidable decision-making tool.
Shared transparently with all employees, the MRI reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the situation in which the company and its teams find themselves. It is thus a decisive starting point for a new company dynamic and a powerful lever for greater empowerment of teams in the service of the company's future.
Based on their intimate knowledge of how the company works on the one hand, and on the results of the MRI on the other, employees at all levels are invited to implement improvements in performance and quality of life at work. These proposals are drawn up within the framework of dedicated working groups, accompanied by Prospheres dirigeants, according to criteria for improving the company's profitability and cash flow, with a view to its common good. This collective mobilisation of all the company's energies makes it possible to obtain concrete, sustainable and profitable results.
Bringing together all the action plans drawn up in the working groups, a business plan is drawn up with the employees. Its implementation is ensured by all the people who built it, which is one of its key success factors. The company is thus drawn into a powerful dynamic in which each employee can make a concrete and authentic contribution to the company's future strategy.
An approach based on responsibility, listening and trust to improve the performance of individuals and companies.

“Truth, freedom, trust are non-manipulable absolutes because human dignity is at stake.”

Bertrand Martin – Daring to trust (Eyrolles)