Leading for change

Faced with change, whether voluntary or necessary, the company needs all its forces at full strength.

These strengths are employees who are confident in their potential, aware of the situation and collectively involved in all the processes and projects; strengths also in trust and listening, to free up skills and give the measure of their expertise; strengths in the truth – the whole truth – about the situation of the company and its markets; strengths in full force driven by meaning, by a restored, rediscovered, sometimes reinvented raison d’être and core business.

Enlightened about the situation, revealed in their potential, listened to in their skills, motivated by a shared profession and ambition, employees can take up any challenge and change the course of the company.

The job of Prospheres dirigeants managers is to create the conditions for this profound, profitable and lasting change.

Leading by vocation

Changing, turning around and putting companies on the path to consolidated and sustainable profitability is a real profession that can be learned and enriched through experience.

Prospheres dirigeants leaders are thus called upon to bear the operational responsibility for the transformation in which they accompany companies. Consistently, they accept to take on corporate mandates (chairman, managing director, etc.).

Leading together

Because human beings are not made to live alone, in their professional dimension as in any other, the Prospheres dirigeants leaders have decided to form a community that is enriched by the experiences of each person, by their regular exchanges and by the personal transformation in which they engage together.

Thus, by managing several companies together, they bring the strength of their collective, a source of performance, to the people they have agreed to serve, and thereby renounce the dangerous myth of the providential man.