About Amplitude

Since 2001, Amplitude has been the world-leading specialist in the design and manufacture of ultrafast lasers that produce exceptionally short and powerful pulses, ensuring the highest precision for industrial, medical and scientific applications.

Established in Europe, Asia and the United States, the Bordeaux-based group, Amplitude, combines research and innovation with the support of its customers in their projects and in their industrial efficiency.

Mission context and objectives

In 2018, the group exceeded the EUR 70 million turnover mark and achieved a strong EBITDA. Supported by a pool of investors consisting of Cathay Capital, Bpifrance, Mérieux Equity Partners and Auriga Partners since 2011, the company began a sale process.

In December 2018, the reference shareholder, the investment fund Cathay Capital, having witnessed management’s difficulties in this process, appointed Prospheres dirigeants to co-lead the company and drive the sale process.

Success and transformation

In 4 months, Prospheres dirigeants:

  • involved the various teams of the Amplitude Group in order to produce all the information necessary for the development of a business plan for prospective buyers,
  • managed the sale process in collaboration with internal teams and external advisors, including the investment bank, until the transaction was completed.

The sale of the group to the Luxembourg investment fund L-Gam was completed in the spring of 2019 for an amount that satisfied the sellers.

Since this project, the investment fund Cathay Capital has called upon Prospheres dirigeants on two further occasions, notably to turn around and manage its stake in Ati Industries.