Employees Q&A
Prospheres dirigeants has come to my company - why?
When we work with a company, it is because its shareholders or managers have chosen to transform it in order to regain the initiative in their market and to secure its future. By turning to Prospheres dirigeants, the company and its shareholders wanted to base this change on the real strengths of the company: its employees, its know-how and its raison d'être. Specifically, we work with you for an average of 6 to 18 months to put the company back on track for the future and prepare it to face any challenges.
When Prospheres dirigeants arrives, is there a plan already in place?
The Prospheres dirigeants team never arrives with a predefined plan and therefore has no hidden agenda. Our client may have thought of a plan. But the challenge of a plan lies less in its design than in its proper execution. Yet, in order to be well executed, the plan must be developed by those who will execute it. Therefore, the plan is built with the teams thanks to a very detailed financial analysis called "the MRI of performance", and the actions proposed by working groups made up of employees. Each employee is encouraged to participate in shaping the future of the company.
As an employee, what can I expect?
You can expect interesting changes at all levels. First of all, you will hear an uncompromising statement of fact. Then you will be asked - and listened to - as you contribute to the company's transformation and the development of its action plan. No position, no detail is neglected; quite the contrary. We know from experience that the news of our involvement and then our arrival gives confidence, because the strategic issues will be addressed, even if the company's situation is worrying in itself. Our experience bears witness to this. Yet everyone involved will experience a new dynamic because a collective force is being set in motion to restore growth and meaning. To be even more specific, you can expect: - a presentation upon our arrival without any concealment of the real situation of the company and the reason for our involvement, - to participate very quickly in one or more working groups designed to implement short-term improvement actions, - to contribute, whatever your position, to the drawing up of the company's business plan, within a timeframe of 3 to 6 months, - to be at the heart of the implementation of this plan, with a view to continuous contribution and participation. In short, you will be asked to bring your knowledge and experience to the table, and everything you bring will be taken into account!
Are there redundancies every time Prospheres dirigeants intervenes in a company?
Cost reduction is not the key. It's easy to downsize but it doesn't ensure the sustainability of the company. In addition, we often work with profitable companies that want to secure their future. Our aim, together with the employees, is to revise the company's economic model by establishing a solid activity base that will ensure its sustainability. Secondly, this activity base serves as a basis for future development. If the review of the business model requires a review of the company's organisation or workforce, then so be it. But we don't know that in advance. In the majority of the missions we have carried out, we have not had to resort to redundancies, but... these are the ones you hear the least about!
Is Prospheres dirigeants a cost-cutting firm? Mercenaries paid to do the "dirty work"?
No. We are genuine leaders. If we were mercenaries, we would not have been in business for over 20 years. We tackle the cause of the difficulties and do not work at the margin by simply cutting costs. In addition, we are fully committed to the company, unlike "mercenaries".
Do the working groups decide on redundancies?
No, the working groups have absolutely no role in deciding on redundancies. Only the corporate officer is entitled to decide on redundancies, in compliance with the law. The working groups are designed to find solutions to improve the company's situation and therefore avoid redundancies.
How long will the Prospheres dirigeants team stay with the company?
Our services do not have a predefined duration. Like all managers, we can be dismissed at any time and our contracts specify this. We can therefore commit to the company for 3 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years or even more. It is our client who decides to terminate our involvement as with any other leader. And like all good leaders, our aim is to make ourselves unnecessary.
Can a company's situation be hopeless?
Our experience of more than 180 managed companies shows that there is always a foundation on which a company can build its sustainability. A product or service useful to civil society is enough to consolidate an economic model. There is no such thing as a hopeless case, with the very rare exception of companies positioned in a market that has completely disappeared.
When Prospheres dirigeants arrives, is it already too late?
We are never too late. On the other hand, the situation may be more pressing if the company has waited too long and no longer has sufficient cashflow. Experience shows that the earlier we get involved with a company, even if it is in financial difficulty, the better we can consolidate the company and turn around as much of the business as possible.
Is the firm Prospheres dirigeants ever appointed as leader in order for the business to be sold?
The shareholder's intention may be to sell the company. However, even if there is a plan to sell, our mission will be to sustain the company's activity, regardless of its shareholder. In other words, we are not here to "dress the bride". Moreover, the trust of economic actors in Prospheres dirigeants proves it.
What is the role of Prospheres dirigeants, what is the role of other leaders and what is the role of the shareholder?
Our main objective is to ensure the sustainability of the company's business. The leader keeps all of his or her prerogatives. We support them in their great task of leading the company through a difficult period. The role of the shareholder is to appoint the leader(s).
Does Prospheres dirigeants know my company's sector?
In our Prospheres dirigeants team, we collectively know all sectors. However, our experience shows that you don't need to be a specialist in the sector to manage or support the transformation of a company, because we rely on employees who know the sector very well, how the company is perceived, what the challenges are, etc. We believe that the know-how lies within the company.
Why should Prospheres dirigeants fare better than others?
No leader is omniscient or omnipotent. We believe that when strategy is based on the expertise of a single person or a small collective, it can put the company at risk in the long term. In the course of our more than 180 assignments, we have seen that successful and sustainable transformation requires the harnessing of collective expertise. We ensure that this collective expertise can be deployed and thereby secure the future of the company, which no longer relies on the expertise of a single person.
How does Prospheres dirigeants share roles in working pairs?
We work in pairs to accelerate the company's transformation. We work together in pairs. Roles are allocated according to the company's priority needs, since we can be assigned any number of tasks. Each member of the pair bears full responsibility for the mission entrusted to Prospheres dirigeants.
With the involvement of Prospheres dirigeants, should we expect tension between the staff representatives and trade unions?
Insofar as we are systematically committed to involving all forces in the transformation project, there is no reason for this to be a source of tension with the trade unions. On the contrary, it is common - though not always the case - that these organisations, concerned with the good of the employees and the company, support and actively participate in the change, because of the very subsidiarity we apply.
How much will it cost to involve Prospheres dirigeants?
Prospheres dirigeants' remuneration is confidential, as is the case for employees. Our remuneration is fixed, which allows us to be fully at the service of the company. Prospheres leaders do not cost more than a typical executive.